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Engineering Services

Technocrates team boasts accomplished experts and specialists who are well prepared to take a product from research and conceptual design to full production ensuring impeccable quality and reliability to our customers. We provide product development and CAD modeling services to manufacturers of industrial products. Whether you have to figure out how to meet “impossible” design requirements for a consumer product, or just require a CAD model of your part, Technocrates team can meet your needs.

We offload work from key people in your company, leaving them free to focus on whatever makes them most valuable to you. Our goal is to become a productive partner in your development strategy, demanding little supervisory time but delivering high quality results.

We are offering following services to customers,

QC/Inspection Services

Technocrates now offers Expediting and Inspection Services for mechanical assemblies and components. We have team of qualified Engineers, Technologist and Inspectors to carry out work in timely manner. We have experience working with Aerospace, Nuclear, Power Generation, Oil Refinery components and assemblies. Part of our activities includes following;